FAQ: What Kind Of Dental Work Does Badger Care Cover?

FAQ: What Kind Of Dental Work Does Badger Care Cover?

What does BadgerCare cover for dental?

Dental and Oral Health Information BadgerCare Plus and CCHP cover all children and adult’s regular dental services – including teeth cleanings, fluoride, sealants and fillings. Oral health affects physical health and behavioral well-being.

Does Wisconsin BadgerCare cover dentures?

BadgerCare Plus requests that dentists use discretion with denture repairs. Old, worn dentures with severely worn teeth or fractures due to age should be replaced. Wisconsin Medicaid reimburses a maximum amount per member, per denture, per six-month period for the repair of complete or partial dentures.

Does BadgerCare cover crowns?

BadgerCare Plus allowable dental restorative services include the following: Amalgam restorations. Resin-based composite restorations. Crowns — single restorations.

Does BadgerCare cover jaw surgery?

An Overview. BadgerCare Plus’s coverage of oral and maxillofacial surgical services is limited to services provided due to trauma or congenital malformations, such as clefts, or the removal or pathologic, painful, or non-restorable teeth. Surgical extractions.

Does BadgerCare cover root canals?

When a root canal filling does not meet its treatment standards, BadgerCare Plus may do the following: Require the procedure to be redone with no additional Wisconsin Medicaid reimbursement or cost to the member.

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What is the income cut off for BadgerCare?

BadgerCare Plus Federal Poverty Levels

Family Size 100% FPL 120% FPL
1 $1,073.33 $1,288.00
2 $1,451.67 $1,742.00
3 $1,830.00 $2,196.00
4 $2,208.33 $2,650.00

Who qualifies for BadgerCare in Wisconsin?

To be eligible for this benefit program, you must be a resident of Wisconsin and meet all of the following: Either 18 years of age and under or a primary care giver with a child(ren) 18 years of age and under, and. A U.S. Citizen, National, or a Non-Citizen legally admitted into the U.S, and.

Is BadgerCare a ForwardHealth?

BadgerCare Plus is a program that provides health coverage for qualified low-income Wisconsin residents. Wisconsin Medicaid is a program that provides health coverage for qualified Wisconsin residents who are elderly, blind, or disabled.

Does ForwardHealth cover glasses?

Replacement Eyeglasses and Parts With limitations, ForwardHealth covers replacement frames, lenses, or both in the following circumstances: Loss of eyeglasses or eyeglass parts.

What does ForwardHealth cover?

WCDP offers help to Wisconsin residents with chronic renal disease, hemophilia, and adult cystic fibrosis. Wisconsin’s Medicaid provides health care coverage for those who: Are age 65 or older, blind, or disabled.

Does Wi state insurance cover braces?

Wisconsin Medicaid reimburses providers for orthodontic services, including the following: Limited orthodontic treatment. Interceptive orthodontic treatment. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Does BadgerCare cover breast reduction?

Surgery is considered cosmetic unless breast hypertrophy is causing significant pain, paresthesias, or ulceration. Reduction mammoplasty for asymptomatic members is considered cosmetic and noncovered. Any charges related to a noncovered reduction mammoplasty will not be reimbursed.

How much does BadgerCare plus cost?

Depending on your income, you may have to pay up to $8 per month to get health care coverage from BadgerCare Plus. You pay this monthly premium even if you don’t get medical care during that month.

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Does BadgerCare plus cover weight loss surgery?

BadgerCare Plus requires all bariatric surgery procedures to be performed at a facility that is Medicaid certified and meets one of the following requirements: The facility has been certified by the ASBS as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.

Does BadgerCare plus cover contacts?

Routine eye exams and refraction services are covered under the Benchmark Plan. Services provided by opticians are not covered under the Benchmark Plan. Glasses, contact lenses, and other vision materials are not covered under the Benchmark Plan.

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