Quick Answer: How Much Is Invisalign Premiere Dental Care Center Cost?

Quick Answer: How Much Is Invisalign Premiere Dental Care Center Cost?

What is the total cost of Invisalign?

Braces and aligners comparison table

Cost $3,000–$7,000
Treatment Time Worn for 20–22 hours/day. Overall treatment time varies by case.
Maintenance Receive and wear new aligners every couple of weeks. Keep them clean by brushing them and rinsing with water.

What is the cheapest price for Invisalign?

Invisalign patient’s pay between $3,000 and $8,000 for treatment, but the average cost of Invisalign depends on where you live, the amount of work you need, and the experience level of your provider.

Do dental plans cover Invisalign?

Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment the same way they cover braces. Your insurance may pay for a certain percentage of your Invisalign treatment, or it may pay for a certain dollar amount. Often there is a lifetime cap on the amount insurance will pay for orthodontic treatment.

How much is Invisalign out of pocket?

Out of pocket costs for Invisalign without insurance range from $3500 to $8000. While Insurance can sometimes cover at least part of this treatment it can vary depending on your provider.

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Why is Invisalign more expensive than smile direct?

With Smile Direct, patients are responsible for creating their own molds for their teeth. They are also the only ones observing their progress since a dentist isn’t following up. As a result, Invisalign costs more than Smile Direct Club, even though the actual trays a patient receives are very similar.

How painful is Invisalign?

Is Invisalign Painful? No, Invisalign isn’t painful, but it can leave a person’s teeth feeling sore. Think of it just like traditional orthodontic treatment. When you first get braces, your teeth may feel uncomfortable given the pressure being exerted.

How can I get a discount for Invisalign?

Invisalign itself doesn’t have any Groupon offers, but specific dentist and orthodontist offices do. Go to the Groupon website and search for Invisalign deals near your location. You may find dental offices nearby that’s advertising a special offer. Some of these can knock up to $2,500 off the total price.

What is the cheapest way to straighten your teeth?

Traditional metal braces are often the most common, effective, and economical form of teeth straightening. Clear dental aligners typically cost more than braces and are only appropriate for mild to moderate teeth misalignment.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign?

Invisalign is the clear aligner system that has swept the nation. Luckily, there is a cheaper alternative to Invisalign and it’s called Impressions. Produced with the same technology as Invisalign, only these at-home aligners work faster and cost a lot less.

How do I get my insurance to pay for Invisalign?

There are several options to help you pay for Invisalign.

  1. Consider using your HSA or FSA: Your health insurance dental plan may have coverage for orthodontic, but sometimes it will not be enough.
  2. Employer-Sponsored or Individual Dental plans may provide you with orthodontic coverage.
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How much is smile Direct club a month?

What is the cost of Smile Direct Club? Smile Direct Club costs $1,950 for a single payment, and $89/ month with a $250 for their SmilePay payment plan. Retainers cost $99 and impression kits cost $59, or they are free if you go to a SmileShop for a 3D scan.

What is better braces or Invisalign?

People with Invisalign generally wear the trays less than the recommended amount which can lengthen the total time it takes to complete treatment. Traditional braces are also more effective in cases where the teeth are severely misaligned. Invisalign cannot always straighten teeth that are rotated or overlapping.

Can you pay monthly for Invisalign?

Most providers offer monthly payment plans for your Invisalign ® costs. Typically, you will be asked to provide a down payment to get started. If a payment plan is important to you, then you should contact several orthodontists before your consultation.

Why is Invisalign bad?

One of the “cons” that Invisalign shares with traditional braces is an increased risk for cavities and gum disease. While the risk is lower in Invisalign because the aligners are removable for great oral hygiene, the barrier of plastic does prevent saliva from reaching the teeth and gums.

Do dentists recommend byte?

byte works with over 200 licensed dentists & orthodontists nationwide to prepare and oversee their customers’ treatment plans. byte’s remote dental team can safely and efficiently correct most mild-to-moderate dental misalignments, including crowding, spacing, and minor bite issues.

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