Readers ask: Maine Care What Does It Cover Dental?

Readers ask: Maine Care What Does It Cover Dental?

What does MaineCare cover for dental?

MaineCare covers limited dental services for adults in order to prevent tooth decay and periodontal gum disease.

Does MaineCare cover dental 2019?

MaineCare, Maine’s state-administered Medicaid program for low-income residents, provides almost no dental coverage for adults, though children fare much better.

Does MaineCare cover dental children?

Oral Health MaineCare covers preventive dental care for children. Your child’s teeth and gums are checked to make sure they are healthy. Your child should go to the dentist for well- child visits starting by age one or younger.

Does MaineCare cover braces for adults?

Reimbursement is not available for any member age twenty-one (21) or older for orthodontics, orthognathic surgery or repair of cleft palate procedures except in those cases where treatment is being performed to correct a post-traumatic or post-surgical disfigurement or in those cases where it is a continuation of

How can I get dentures with no money?

If you need financial assistance for dentures, the Dental Lifeline Network can help. The nonprofit provides dental care to the elderly, disabled, and those with a medical need via their Donated Dental Services program. Clinics are available in every state, and services are comprehensive.

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What does MaineCare cover for adults?

What services are covered?

  • Doctor visits.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Behavioral health services.
  • X-rays and labs.
  • Emergency and hospital visits.

Who is eligible for MaineCare?

You may be eligible for MaineCare if your monthly income (before you pay taxes) is up to:

Your household size Children Young Adults (19-20)
1 $2,287 $1,729
2 $3,093 $2,338
3 $3,898 $2,947
4 $4,704 $3,556

Does Medicare cover false teeth?

Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care, dental procedures, or supplies, like cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other dental devices. Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) will pay for certain dental services that you get when you’re in a hospital.

How much does a filling cost in Maine?

Average Cost & Price of Fillings in Portland Maine

Dental Service Average Fee Highest Fee (95th percentile)
1 surface $94.29 $110.77
2 surface $103.16 $127.88
3 surface $118.37 $141.82
4 or more surfaces $124.71 $151.33


Is MaineCare Medicaid?

MaineCare (formerly Medicaid ) is a “Federal/State” program which provides assistance to people with limited resources. Specifically, MaineCare can help eligible Maine resident with their health care payments.

Does MaineCare cover eyeglasses?

MaineCare will pay no part of the cost of eyeglasses unless prior authorization is obtained from the MaineCare Authorization Unit. Members may choose from three options for the repair of covered eyeglasses: The provider sends the eyeglasses to the Contractor for repair.

Where can I get free dentures in Maine?

Where can I find free dentures near me? The best way to find free dentures near you is by following the advice in this article, like contacting your local health department and local community health centers. You can also call 844-207-7106 and be connected with a dentist to speak about your options.

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Where do I apply for MaineCare?

You can apply for MaineCare starting July 2, 2018. Apply by creating an account at and completing the online application. Save your online app number and save a pdf of your application. In three weeks, call 1-855-797-4357 to check on your application.

Does Medicare cover dentures in Maine?

Get covered if you can. For seniors over 65, Medicare doesn’t cover dental services, but you can buy a Medicare Advantage plan with dental coverage. Some Medicare Advantage plans charge additional premiums for dental and some offer dental coverage at no additional costs.

Does Medi cal cover dental implants 2020?

For example, as we saw in Maggie’s story, Denti – Cal covers full dentures but not partial dentures, bridges or implants, leaving many older adults with the choice of either pulling out all their teeth or getting no treatment.

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